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Stretching from L'Isle-Jourdain in the East to Saint-Mont in the West and Condom in the North to Masseube and the foothills of the majestic Pyrénées in the South, France's most agricultural department, the Gers, is widely regarded as the heart of ancient Gascony. When considering the Gers as the home for your new property in France, think of it's rolling green hills, lakes, rivers, and picturesque villages. These leave no doubt as to why the Gers is often referred to as the "Tuscany of France."

The departmental capital of Auch sits on the River Gers and boasts a magnificent cathedral that took more than two centuries to build and contains some of the country's most awe inspiring works of art. There are a number of ancient Bastide towns throughout the department such as Mirande in the south, a bustling market town (well, bustling by South West France standards at any rate) founded by monks in the 13th century. Marciac is famous for its annual Jazz festival, which attracts visitors from around the world, some who indeed return to buy a property in France.

For the Gourmet there is much to appreciate in this beautiful department, home of Armagnac, numerous fine wines and that most politically incorrect (but rather tasty) of delicacies, Foie Gras.

"L"-shaped farmhouses of clay and river stone with red tiled rooves account for much of the property for sale in this beautiful department along with many beautiful Chateaux and Maison de Maîtres and thankfully there are still some bargains to be found.

The Gers, situated in south west Midi-Pyrenees is well serviced by a number of airports, Pau is only 1 hour from Miélan, Toulouse and Biarritz around 1hour 45 minutes. Flights to Bordeaux, Carcassonne and Bergerac all within 3hour drive of Mielan. Links to low cost and/or frequent flights can be found on our site.

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